It all starts with the soft plush...

Kleine Accessoires für Jedermann - egal ob kuschelig oder verspielt

Wenn Sie sich in dieser Kategorie umsehen, werden Sie Augen machen bzw. ein Auge auf all die niedlichen, verspielten Dinge werfen. Da ist nun sicher auch ein Geschenk für die Nichte, die beste Freundin oder die Frau Mama mit dabei. Weiterlesen...
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It all starts with the soft plush slippers, which, whether you choose them in sheep's clothing or as a dog with a thinker's forehead, will provide great pleasure. But that's not all, even if plush for everyone, and that really means everyone, always goes down well. If youngsters appear in your circle of friends and are to be given as presents, a tooth as a key ring could be a nice allusion to the joys of teeth. A cuddle cloth also lifts the mood or makes the grief shrink. So everything around the baby is your place where you can find super sweet things for the heart that will also please the child's parents.

A life without pugs is possible, ...

... but pointless, as you know. Why don't you give something to everyone who came up with the pug? A pug for a cherry pit cushion "Never again will the presentee whine "Oh, boy! Or how about the pug portrait on a wallet? The pointed cries of delight when paying for tickets are guaranteed. For the winter, the headbands plus ear protection are perfect. They come along with nice animals; winter blues, no chance! For all children who don't really want to fall asleep, a music box is the right thing. A dog that looks faithful and stays faithful until they fall asleep is a nice idea. Last but not least the sunglasses & reading glasses should also be mentioned. These are accessories and their little nice extras, which have a high fun factor. Now we wish you a lot of fun while rummaging around and choosing the right nice things that make everyday life worth living. Under the new category costume jewellery you will find great pendants, necklaces, rings and bracelets for HER and HIM from well-known manufacturers like Fossil, Esprit or Pilgrim. A great gift idea for a dear person.