Labertier Schaf mit Baby BONNIE und FINA Quasselstrippe 23 cm Partygag NEU

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With this it never gets boring! Labertier Nana with attachment

With these two figures, the term "imitation" can be experienced plastically. Whatever you put in their ears, in other words, whatever you say to them, they will ape it one to one. So be careful when there are children around, who are of course also welcome to say something to them. But the chatterbox with little Coco is also cute. Soft, a nice face, comforter, buddy, fun companions, all in one.

What do I give my best friend?

You're never too old for this ape with young blood. You could give them both to a grown man as a gift. He will also talk to both of them immediately. Also otherwise you will experience how a whole group of people struggle to be particularly witty. This nice party gag is a nice thing with or without babbling. Life is too short for sourpusses. Talk to monkeys? Why, yes.

To get the best babbling results, avoid background noise, speak slowly and clearly, and do so without interruption. You can also record short noises or melodies (max. 6 seconds).

Material: Plush
Brand: Kögler
Battery operated: yes
Battery incl.: yes
Washable: damp wipeable
Shipping weight:0,50 Kg
Dimensions ( height ): 20,00 cm